Car Builders Underbody Loom Tape 19Mm x 25M

Car Builders Underbody Loom Tape 19Mm x 25M


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Quality ISO 9001 certified system

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Car Builders Underbody Loom Tape is a strong and durable wiring tape designed for wet areas such as engine bays and under carriages. It is flexible and can easily be torn by hand. Ideal for wires connecting motors or anything facing the road which will be exposed to water.

Under body loom tape features a woven canvas like face which has strong abrasion resistance and excellent ability in repelling liquids. It will not fray and is easy to clean

Thickness: 0.17mm

Adhesion strength: 1.5N/cm

Tensile Strength: 60N/m

Elongation: 10%

Temp range: -40/125 C

Tear by hand: YES